It’s no doubt that any e-commerce merchant that wants to be competitive in today’s online business environment must integrate shopping cart software in their e-commerce website, And not just any shopping cart software, but one that enables integration of multiple payment options. Various payment options allow virtually every customer from every nook and cranny of the world to buy from your e-commerce store.  It makes things a lot easier for you and your customers. Besides those, a good looking shopping cart is also vital today, considering the population has a high affinity for colored visuals. This underlines the need for an elegant shopping cart template. That said; here are the best shopping cart templates free to choose from:

ShopSimple is one of the best free shopping cart templates for websites and e-commerce stores

ShpSimple is a responsive shopping cart template based on Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 framework. It’s responsive because it’s able to be conveniently viewed on many devices, including mobile. It’s compatible with multiple browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini, Safari and much more. It also comes with incredible features like cloud zoom on products, blog feature, Jquery shortcodes, Google font integration and a lot more. This is a good pick if you are looking for a good shopping cart template for your e-commerce store.

Flower Store makes it on our list of the best shopping cart templates for websites and e-commerce stores

Flower store is a fully responsive e-commerce shopping cart template. It’s compatible with Open Cart 1.5.6x and supports CSS3, JQuerry, and semantic coding. Flower Shop comes with other useful features such as cross-browser compatibility, favicon, custom page templates, back to the top button and commenting system. This is one shopping cart template to contemplate when looking to create an e-commerce store.

PAPA shopping cart templates for websites and e-commerce stores

This shopping cart template compliments any e-commerce website of any design. It’s entirely responsive, which means customers will be able to view it on multiple devices, such as desktops, Smartphones, iPads, iPhone and much more. It also works well on the modern YT framework. On top of all that, it features 6 beautiful colors to choose from, a multitude of extensions and offers you free rein over your e-commerce store.

Choosing a shopping cart template to implement on your site will determine whether you succeed or fail. That’s why you must set aside time to dedicate to researching the best one. This list gives you a solid starting point for your search.