Some years back, during the HTML days, the more complicated a website, the higher it would convert leads into sales. The trend has now shifted. These days, webmasters are trying to avoid the sophistication because it reduces the rate of conversion. In this day and age where people are pressed for time due to busy daily schedules, a complicated website doesn’t cut it. It’s more about enhancing customer experience to motivate them to buy. That’s why a website theme with a simple design is critical. In this piece, we are going to tell you why a simple website theme leads to more conversions in this day and time.

– Simple website themes live by the adage: less talk equals to more action

It’s a no-brainer that for your site to convert, visitors must take action. For website owners, the best way to trigger response is to amplify that action. Action (conversion), regarding websites, involves a visitor signing up for a newsletter, email list or buying a product or service. A sophisticated site tends to divert the attention of visitors and prevents them from taking the necessary action. A simple website focuses the visitors to the action points; which is why it records lots of conversions.

– Simple website themes alleviate confusions and exit common in many websites

A site with too many links and overwhelming design can lead to massive abandonment. A simple website contains fewer links, which is good to concentrate the customers on the main idea; to convert. Complications begin when you start adding a lot of widgets to the sidebar. Desist from adding too much junk to your homepage.

– Simple website themes allow compatibility

Compatibility is the ability of two different software to work in tandem. The latest trend in themes and templates is mobile and multiple browser compatibilities. That means visitors can view images and read the text on your website using any device, including Smartphones, iPads, and tablets, conveniently without having to resize their mobile device screens. They are also able to access your website using any browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini and much more. Compatibility ensures that you don’t lose any sales. Viewing a simple website on mobile is easy as opposed to viewing a complex site on mobile.

– Simple website themes are user-friendly

Customers want to navigate a website without hitches. A simple website theme guarantees that. A complex site, on the other hand, gets the visitors confused and they may end up abandoning it.

When creating your website, buy a simple website theme to make your site user-friendly to optimize customer experience. The main aim of creating a website is to make customers happy, and a simple website does just that.