It’s not uncommon to see many e-commerce merchants set up online stores and never test whether the themes are compatible with multiple browsers. This is a grave mistake because if you don’t test how your e-commerce store looks and performs on various browsers, your visitors may be viewing your e-commerce store in a completely different way. Visitors may not even be able to view the e-commerce store using certain browsers. This underscores the importance of testing cross-browser compatibility on various devices and operating systems. The tools below can help you with that:

1)   Browsera – A cool tool to check your e-commerce templates’ cross-browser compatibility

Browsera is a tool that allows you to check compatibility of browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Browsers. It compares different browsers side-by-side and avails to you the difference between the two. There are two options to use this tool. The first allows you to sign up for a free account. The second lets you upgrade to a premium account for advanced reporting.

2)   Use Browserstack to check your e-commerce and website themes’ compatibility

Browserstack is one of the most popular cross-browser compatibility testing tools out there. It requires no installation because it uses cloud technology. Once you sign up, the tool offers you access to the testing platform in the cloud server to check your results.

3) allows you to check templates for websites’ cross-browser compatibility easily gives you the opportunity to test different browsers and operating systems. You need to sign up for an account to be able to login to the browser testing platform. After you’ve logged in, choose the operating system, the browser and begin the compatibility search. The tool will bring you a summary of the disparities, including screenshots of bugs and layout problems.

4)   Browsershots – A free tool to check your e-commerce template’s cross-browser compatibility

If you’re looking for a free, open source tool to test cross-browser compatibility, then Browsershots is the straightforward choice. It’s quite user-friendly. All you need to do is plaster your website URL and choose the browser setup. You are free to choose from different queries such as Java, screen size, color depth, JavaScript, and Flash.  The results will come in the form of screenshots that allow you to view later.

5)   DebugBar – A free tool to check your e-commerce website’s cross-browser compatibility

DebugBar is another free compatibility testing tool. It allows you to check the browser compatibility of different operating systems, such as Windows 8 desktop, Windows 7, Vista, and XP. The remarkable thing about DebugBar is that you can download it and utilize it for professional and personal purposes.