The 3 Best Shopping Cart Templates for Websites

It’s no doubt that any e-commerce merchant that wants to be competitive in today’s online business environment must integrate shopping cart software in their e-commerce website, And not just any shopping cart software, but one that enables integration of multiple payment options. Various payment options allow virtually every customer from every nook and cranny of [...]

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Reasons Why Simple Website Themes Convert More Customers than a Complex Website

Some years back, during the HTML days, the more complicated a website, the higher it would convert leads into sales. The trend has now shifted. These days, webmasters are trying to avoid the sophistication because it reduces the rate of conversion. In this day and age where people are pressed for time due to busy [...]

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5 Tools to Help You Test Cross-browser Compatibility of Your E-commerce Templates

It’s not uncommon to see many e-commerce merchants set up online stores and never test whether the themes are compatible with multiple browsers. This is a grave mistake because if you don’t test how your e-commerce store looks and performs on various browsers, your visitors may be viewing your e-commerce store in a completely different [...]

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